Max M

Who Am I ?

Passionate about music since his teenage years, Max M mixes and composes from the age of fourteen before devoting himself entirely to his studies in computer science, his other passion.
After a very successful career, he decides, at forty years old, to take piano, composition and production classes in order to finally get back to his synths. He launches a very first EP called “Renaissance“, embodying his life renewal brought by music, allowing him to express his creativity in a whole new way.

Composed of five different tracks, this EP demonstrates his versatility as a producer while affirming his signature: freshness, dynamism, catchy songs, powerful rhythms, driving melodies with unique vibes and a special attention to detail.

This trademark appealed to American singer Chris Willis, who chose to collaborate with Max M on two tracks: “I’ll be up” and “If this is what it feels like“.


Stay Tuned