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Coming Through
Coming Through
My new song, named "Coming Through", is deeply personal and I've been working hard to make it very special. It's to me the perfect balance between urban, electronic and rock influences blended in a memorable pop song with relatable lyrics. I hope you'll like it! I'm looking forward to sharing with you the astonishing music video on January 15th! Select…
Unsigned Only 2021 Winner!
Unsigned Only 2021 Winner!

With more than 10 000 artists from more than 120 countries, competition was tough this year but I’m really excited to share with you that I won not only one but two times! This American competition is awarding every year the best unsigned artists, judged by celebrities and industry leaders.   I was the sole French finalist and not only…

Any Other Night
Any Other Night
I’m really excited to share with you today the release of my new track "Any Other Night" Inspired by the 80's with my modern twist, I'm sure that you'll love this new sound! Select your platform
Max M

Who Am I ?

Passionate about music since his teenage years, Max M mixes and composes from the age of fourteen before devoting himself entirely to his studies in computer science, his other passion.
After a very successful career, he decides, at forty years old, to take piano, composition and production classes in order to finally get back to his synths. He launches a very first EP called “Renaissance“, embodying his life renewal brought by music, allowing him to express his creativity in a whole new way.

Composed of five different tracks, this EP demonstrates his versatility as a producer while affirming his signature: freshness, dynamism, catchy songs, powerful rhythms, driving melodies with unique vibes and a special attention to detail.

This trademark appealed to American singer Chris Willis, who chose to collaborate with Max M on two tracks: “I’ll be up” and “If this is what it feels like“.


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